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Wedding video: yes or no? For many engaged couples who are planning their wedding this is the question! So, should you hire a wedding videographer in 2023?

Trust me, the answer’s yes.

Please stop immediately thinking of the wedding video as those boring and endless “meatloafs” that used to be made once upon a time. If you rely on a professional wedding videographer, you have to relax: nobody nowadays would dream of making a video like that. Today wedding videos have a much shorter duration and are usually well blended with the rhythm of the music for a really pleasant result.

Hiring a wedding videographer was one of the best decisions I made while planning my wedding day.

Here are 6 reasons why you should definitely hire a professional wedding videographer in 2023:

1 . You may regret not having your best day in wedding video

Trust me. There are many couples out there who have decided against making a wedding video and are not done regretting it yet! Most couples choose to invest their money in memories that last forever like their wedding video.

Ask yourself: What’s the worst that could happen by not hiring a wedding videographer?Well, your big day has passed and now you’re regretting not capturing those precious moments!

You can’t fix this and there is nothing you can to do to get it back.

Sure, you’ll have a few short videos shot by your guests, but can you really compare them to a professional wedding video? Certainly not.

2 . Your wedding videographer will film the moments you will miss

Ask any bride and groom and they’ll tell you that time flies on their wedding day!Believe me, it will be a special day but it won’t be possible for you to be everywhere and see everything. Don’t you wish you could watch all those moments you missed?

3 . Wedding video can capture emotion, motion and sound

Let’s be honest. Some memories should only be captured by a wedding video. A photo will only show you your guests laughing during the ceremony, while a video will actually let you hear the joke that had everyone laughing.A video can capture your emotions, the guests’ speeches, the bride and groom’s promises, the guests’ reactions, the emotion and joy of your family members and much more.Wouldn’t you like to see you and your dad walk down the aisle again? Or your best friend’s surprise performance?

The truth is this: the photo, even if fundamental, just can’t capture everything and can’t replace a video.

4 . When all is said and done, your photos and wedding videos will be all that’s left.

Your cake, the catering, the location, the setting, the atmosphere and even the guests: they are very important elements but at some point, everything will pass. But your wedding memories, pictures and videos will last a lifetime.

What else do you want me to say?

5 . Share your wedding video with those who missed your wedding day

This consideration is really fundamental if we talk about destination weddings. Probably not all relatives and friends will be able to attend your wedding for various reasons. The undeniable and added benefit of the wedding video is the fact that you will be able to share your big day with those who weren’t in attendance and get them involved in the wedding.

6 .Let your future family members experience your wedding day

Have you ever seen your parents’ wedding video? My parents had a very simple and intimate wedding, so unfortunately, I never got a chance to enjoy their wedding day. But for those of you who have, don’t you agree it was a fantastic experience?Wouldn’t you like to be able to share these moments with your young children or future children and grandchildren – wouldn’t that be great? Sure, you could show them your wedding photos, but I guarantee it’s not the same.

I am aware that sometimes the budget is limited, but I suggest you try to fit the wedding videographer into your budget, perhaps trying to reduce other expenses (perhaps you may not choose the largest centerpieces that your florist has proposed).

Remember: Most things only last one day, your wedding video will last a lifetime. I hope I was able to give you an idea why you should hire a wedding videographer.

Think about it. You will not regret.

You can find inspiration among our wedding videos and if you are looking for a italian wedding videographer contact us.

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