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The Camera


Wedding Film is formed by a husband and wife team, Alessandro and Manuela.

We are based in Parma but we often travel wherever our spouses wish to organize their event. Wedding Film was born from our great passion for cinema and we have found our truest realization in the art of narrating weddings.

It was obvious for us to naturally lean towards a film and artistic aesthetic that would enhance wedding videos in a very personal and unique way. Very fond of details, we give special meaning to each film’s atmosphere, music and colors…


Videographer & Drone Pilot

Alessandro Pavanati

I am a dreamer. Growing up, I was always the kid who would see something and say, "Hey, I can do this!" . And I always knew that I wanted a job that allowed me to express myself artistically. I started singing as a child and then I created my own band and to this day I continue to perform as a singer on stages. I studied engineering and then continued working in this area but my fixed thoughts were always the videos. So one evening while having an aperitif in Paris with my wife Manuela, the dreamer in me realized that I wanted something more. And we decided that we wanted to give it a try and “Wedding Film” was born.


Years of Experience

I wanted something that wasn’t just a job for me, and now I feel lucky to wake up every day doing something I love.

I focused on building my wedding video business to be able to specialize and take my wedding videos to the next level.

I like to be constantly updated and improve my workflow more and more, I always love having a creative style that distinguishes me.

Assistant Videographer & Blogger

Manuela Rossi

My life often consists of mile long to-do lists, I am always on the run and always trying to manage everything. I love everything related to weddings and this led me to specialize. I study continuously and I'm always looking for new things to offer to our spouses. And as much as I love everything I do, I also need the little things in life that can arouse a deep feeling that calms my mind. lie and revive my heart. The thing I love most, besides pizza, is traveling so as soon as we can we throw our bags in the car, put our cat Pablo in the carrier and run away for a couple of days of relaxation.

Award Winning
Established Team

I attended the Wedding Planner course at the prestigious Cira Lombardo Wedding Academy.

…To be able to support and advise our brides during the preparation for the big day.

This creates an even closer bond with the brides as they know they have a point of reference in case of need and especially during the wedding day.

Our work process

This is how we create unique wedding videos


We like to start by getting to know the bride and groom and understand the theme and mood expected for your wedding. A personalized proposal will then be created to ensure that the result matches your expectations.


About a month before the event, we will contact you or get in touch with your wedding planner to discuss all the details. From now on you just have to relax and enjoy your last moments together as an engaged couple.

Day of the event

We will be at your side from the moment of dressing up to the final dances. We will film every important moment of your day without interfering. We love shooting details because perfect details make the difference! You and your emotions will be the protagonists of your wedding film but there will also be room for fun and for friends.


The editing of the wedding film begins with a careful selection of music, chosen in collaboration with the bride and groom, which reflects the emotions and style of your wedding. After reviewing all the footage, we create a magical blend of images and music to capture the essence and enchantment of your special day. And when you tell us “we saw the video and we were moved” we know we did our job well!