Wedding Videographer Lake Como - Engagement

Wedding Videographer Lake Como

Today I want to share with you a truly special moment that I captured on Lake Como. Denise and Francesco, a couple of fiancés, decided to exchange their marriage proposal in a truly unique and exciting way. Together we organized an unforgettable engagement experience, full of romance and natural beauty.

Denise without knowing what awaited her, was taken to a special place, surrounded by the beauty of the landscape and the magic of love. And that’s where he, with disarming simplicity, asked her to marry him.

Denise’s answer was an emotional yes, and there, on the shores of Lake Como, they celebrated their love, exchanging a kiss that made the world around them brighter and more colorful.

In the afternoon we left with a luxury motor boat to explore the lake and discover the most beautiful and evocative places. Denise and Francesco were visibly moved and happy to be able to have such a romantic experience together. When we arrived at a quiet and secluded place, we arranged a surprise for the couple. We flew a drone to take some panoramic photos and create an unforgettable memory.

The engagement experience on Lake Como for Denise and Francesco was an unforgettable moment that will remain forever in their hearts and memories. And we are happy to have been a part of this special moment.”

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